Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Pakistan – How to Start?

How to start a small business is a most discussing question worldwide; however in this article we are discussing just top 10 small business ideas in Pakistan that can effectively grow you and your investment securely.

Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries who have very adequate environmental situation to do business. It is the almost 20 million people market having best weather climate, agricultural land, mountains, fields, minerals and much more. There are greatest opportunities in Pakistan to run various small businesses; here we have mentioned just 10 best ideas that are highly growing and easily manageable just by small amount.

Following list of top 10 Small Business Investment ideas in Pakistan is based on everyday business that one can invest in Pakistan. Before investing proper paper work and lot of things to be reviewing and researching are compulsory to get sharp success, let us to read out one by one.

1 – Real Estate/Property Business in Pakistan

Real Estate/Property Business in Pakistan

In my current research real estate/property business is top one best idea to be continuing as small business. It needs just a reasonable amount of capital and proper skill and experience to start it. According to a careful statistics, real estate in Pakistan is an important and growing sector of economy and it spends $5.2 billion on construction in a year.

This business can be defined in two major categories, you can do it by investing money and you can do it just by giving your consultancy as a property advisor (it will require investment but little amount). Let me to discuss how?

How to Start?

  • If you have investment, you can purchase domestic or commercial property for purpose to sell out at high rate or to construct building on it. In each case you can expect really a reasonable income. This is a rapidly growing business and you can twice your investing capital just within few months. Always prefer well located plots and lands, just wait few months, it will definitely gives a big profit. However if you construct building on this one well located land, you can sell it on your own demand or you can rent out to earn monthly revenue. Two things are most important, location and purchasing price must be worked out well before purchasing the land. If you work it perfect, I assure you will gain more as you are thinking. It my personal experience.
  • If you have no investment then you can also earn from real estate sector. Just invest few thousands and establish a well furnished office to start consultancy and property advisory. Built you trust making a chain of clients. Surely you will reach the heights of prominence. There is only one trick for trust building, always perform honestly.


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