Is Massive Ad a Fake & Scam Website?

Nowadays a website with the name of Massive Ad is operational with different compensation plans to double user’s amounts in very short time. Here we will see, is Massive Ad a fake and scam website? Okey! The answer is “Yes” As per our research and knowledge this website is 100% scam earning program like many other fake websites. Massive Ad’s offered compensation plans can be viewed in below;

This is our today topic in which we analyze why Massive Ad is scam? domain was registered on 02 Feb 2013 with the contact, administrative, technical and billing address as “Massive Advertisement & Trading Limited” Morris Lee, Mont Fleuri, Mahe, and Tel. 441.887480083.

Is Massive Ad a Fake & Scam Website

Alexa Ranking of Massive Ad;

Alexa global ranking is 54,214 and ranking in United Kingdom is 60,921 today on 31 October 2013.

Percentage of visitors from India is 28.9%, United States 10%, South Korea 18.8%, Pakistan 5.9%, Indonesia 2.4%, Poland 2.8%, Italy 2.1% and United Kingdom 1.9%. Please be noted this amazing point the home land where Massive Ad belongs, just 1.9% visitors are contributing in overall traffic ranking of the company.

What Points Which Represent Massive Ad as a Fake and Scam;

I have visited the website thoroughly and found much more which is enough to say Massive Ad is a bogus and Scam Company and just a looting and ponzy scheme by the name of advertising program. Unfortunately innocent users are mostly unable to view the exact picture behind the scene due to their poor knowledge of searching. Its my heartiest effort to save the innocent users from this scam.

Well! I have discussed many of the users currently working with Massive Ad, they spoke me that they are getting payouts and are not ready to accept Massive Ad as Scam and Fake. I had little smile by getting their answer but very next moment I felt sympathy with innocent users. My heart was painful thinking about the time when they will be victimized very soon by a scam website.

Keep in mind; scammers have few rules and regulations. One of the major rules is they pay to the last moment until they would decide to shutdown the website. They have their specific target and when target achieved they will disappoint their users escape away to offline. Payout to the old users attracts the new users in such type scams and it tends to collect a big amount of money.

Following are most common note able points which stand the Massive Ad as a fake & scam website.

1 – Fake Information about Prepaid MasterCard “Massive Ad Prepaid MasterCard”

Massive Ad has given prepaid MasterCard details with the title name “Massive Ad Prepaid MasterCard” with all terms and condition on the website. Massive Ad has mentioned the prepaid card service provider’s name “Vector”. Surely Vector is a Canadian real company but it has been found Massive Ad is just making false statements to have Vector’s Prepaid MasterCard to pay its members. Infect, Massive Ad is just cheating the innocent members by using the world “Vector” or “MasterCard”.

According to as per my research, the whole details mentioned on Massive Ad website regarding prepaid MasterCard are fake and initiative to scam. When I asked from pioneer members, they told me Massive Ad will launch its prepaid card in coming December. I tried to verify this information from “Vector” who replied me there is no any application in process for MasterCard with the name of Massive Ad Prepaid MasterCard or “Massive Advertisement & Trading Limited”.

I would like to aware innocent members, this is same story of My Right Ad website which has made the people foolish just showing prepaid card pictures and information on their web page and promised to launch the prepaid card in near future. Ultimately My Right Ad suddenly showed its scam thinking just within three months and refused to pay people.

Conclusion: Massive Ad is a fake & scam website and using “Vector” or “Prepaid MasterCard” name just to cheat the people. In real there is nothing.

2- If Massive Ad is Registered in UK, Why It Opened Its Bank Account In Hong Kong?

The 2n important point by which Massive Ad is making the people foolish that is “Bank Account”. Company is showing itself registered in United Kingdom but bank account is showing from Hong Kong. My simply question is this, why Massive Ad not has its bank account in UK, likewise it is saying itself registered company from UK.

I would like to aware a common person, opening a bank account in Hong Kong for foreigners is not as tough as in UK. I think now the point is clear why company not has bank account at the place from where it is showing itself a registered company.

Conclusion: Massive Ad’s bank account matter clearly indicates there is many things wrong and it is fake and scam website.

3 – Amazing Restriction Regarding Bank Wire;

According to Massive Ad’s withdrawal policy, member can withdraw his earning only through the same channel as he deposited. About bank wire Massive Ad says you can deposit through bank wire minimum funds 500$ or more than 500$ per transaction and can withdraw just only 100$ per transaction. What amazing restriction? This restriction is just only to keep away the members to use the bank wire option and clearly indicating the Massive Ad is a scam website and wants to cheat the people.

4 – Western Union is being Operated From Dubai;

I was shocked when I see the Western Union details on the website. Company is registered from UK, bank account of the company is in Singapore and Western Union will be settled from United Arab Emirate (UAE). What a interesting story of the day?

5 – Agents Details Are Fake and Proving Massive Ad as Scam;

Massive Ad has mentioned many of its agents/ franchisee on the website. All agents name are false and have no reality. Long list of agents is given just to attract the innocent people. Infect, whole list is bogus. There is no any contact information except massage writing box. Let suppose first agent name is “Raj Sharma” who is Raj Sharma, what is his contact number, what is his email? You will find nothing about the agent. If you send massage you will never find any reply. This is a good comedy from Massive Ad. Just little skills to verify any website can help you to find out the Massive Ad website is Scam and has many things suspicious to fake.

15 different name has been shown on website as “Our Agents” When you click “Contact Me” a pop up window will open where you can put your massage blindly, you will never be replied. Infect agent’s names are a fake list.

6 – Advertisers Shown on Massive Ad’s Website are Fake;

This is also an important point to be noted, Massive Ad is attracting the members by showing advertiser’s logo on the website. It has no any advertising contacts with mentioned companies. Just their logo is being used unlawfully. Following advertiser’s list has been given on Massive Ad website, but the company remained apologist to show me contract with these advertisers.

7- Live Chat Mostly Off;

Massive Ad is attracting the innocent people by offering the option of 24h/7days live chat, but in infect chat room always will be founded shutdown.

Final Conclusion and Disclaimer: All above story is base on my personal research and investigation. I have done all my effort best to put here all my findings honestly. I want to just aware you what I have found during my search. According to my personal opinion the Massive Ad has many things unclear and suspicious as discussed above. Unfortunately Massive Ad did not reply me any of my question (numerous Emails was sent to Massive Ad but no replied) regarding all points discussed above. It is an open disclaimer to everyone; the writer is not responsible for your any activities. You will do your work on your own risk. Thank you very much.

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