How to Start Forex Trading Business from Home?

9 – Always Realize Your Account Size

How to Start Forex Trading Business from Home does not mean you are going to soft playing. This is not a virtual business, it is a real business. Many traders, particularly in Asian countries, act an angry Bull in the ground. This strategy is certainly mistaken.

Always realize your account size and do the trade in limits. Although broker companies offer you leverages but you own investment is important to consider. According to my experience you should place entry order up to 20% of utilization of your whole account size and keep 80% fund backup. If you invest $1000, you should place orders just by $200, I assure you will be secure.

Here I would like to expel out a cheap thought in your mind, the thought that is mostly injected in your mind by unprofessional traders, do you want to know what that is? Sure! That is to trade with a very small amount. It is totally unfair. This is proper business. There is no any possibility; you can earn $1000/monthly by investing $100. It is un-natural thing; earning big profit with small investment may be a jock but not a reality.

I feel a pain mostly when I meet such type of people who always try to comb the hair on hairless skull. I do not ask you to invest heavy funds, I just say please follow 20:80 ration formula to become a successful and secure trader.

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