How to Start Dairy Farming Business in Pakistan

How to start dairy farming in Pakistan is a most important question to answer because it has become the basic need of Pakistani people. Pakistan is 6th largest country producing the dairy milk and meat every year. Pakistan is an agricultural country and its rural areas largely base on the earning collected from Livestock such as dairy farming, goat farming, poultry farming and fish farming as well. It is carefully estimated that there are between 30 to 35 million people in Pakistan who are engaged in livestock farming directly or indirectly.

Dairy Farming in Pakistan

How to Start Dairy Farming Business in Pakistan

Well fertile Pakistani provinces Punjab and Sindh, which are traditionally the main areas of agriculture and farming activity. In 1998, the livestock and cattle industry was contributing 37% to the total capacity of national agricultural output and 9% to the GDP. According to statistics collected and reported in 2001, there were approximately 23.3 million buffaloes, 22.4 million head of cattle, 49.1 million goats and 24.2 million sheep in Pakistan overall. Commercial poultry numbered 170.1 million broilers and 10.36 million layers in 1999. In addition, there were also 108 million poultry kept and tamed by people. Due to its importance each provincial Govt. has its “Livestock & Dairy Development” department that takes all possible measure to increase the productivity of cattle and dairy farming in Pakistan.

Fortunately Pakistan has been blessed highly fertile land, adequate atmosphere of livestock and their feed and biggest one bless of four weathers. Conversely unfortunately mostly Pakistani farmer are going with traditional ways. They do not have the scientific tips how to save money best from such projects. Although Livestock & Dairy Development department exists to guide the farmers producing dairy items and livestock but the department is not as efficient as it should be.

The purpose of this content is just aware the farmers who want to start cattle/dairy farming in Pakistan, how they should do and what are the exact grounds, they can make their dairy business profitable. In below I am describing few highly effective and productive tips, by adapting; you can start the business successfully and can earn a substantial amount from dairy farming. Keep in mind dairy business is long term project, it is yielding at least 2 or 3 years gone, be patient and plan properly, eventually you feel there is no any other business that may multiplying as rapidly as dairy farming multiplies.

1 – Plan the Dairy Shed

How to Start Dairy Farming Business in Pakistan

Before starting the dairy project you must have to work out about the planning of dairy shed. Total area of shed includes following details.

  • Pasture land or grazing area,
  • Attached fields area for growing crops,
  • Corrals for holding cattle in the winter seasons,
  • Buildings including barns, sheds and housing,
  • A proper space for storing feed and manure.

Above are the most important steps calculating the cost of starting a dairy farm in Pakistan because of how it affects your other costs. Practically all of your other costs such as machinery and capital to feed and veterinary care will be based on how many cattle (Buffaloes, Cows & Calves) you have in the dairy farm. There may few other running costs that can be access just during operation.

2 – Determine the Number of Cattle/animals

How to Start Dairy Farming Business in Pakistan

Defining the exact quantity of cattle and animals is most important before starting the farming. It has two major benefits, you can estimate your proper feasibility and you can legalize yourself under the local govt. guidelines regulations. Livestock & Dairy Development Department allows per acre of grazing land for how many animals. If you are doing each and every thing legally, you can enjoy govt. free caring services such as free guidelines to enhance your business capacity, getting livestock loans, free vaccinations etc.

3 – Proper Budgeting for Vaccination & Maintenances

How to Start Dairy Farming Business in Pakistan

3rd one most important step is to allocate proper budget for animal’s timely vaccinations and maintenance of shed, machinery, tools and so many other headings. As you know Pakistan has 4 weathers including hot summer and chilliest winter. Mostly cattle suffer in seasonal diseases, to avoid such suffering; you must vaccinate each animal timely. It will be highly protecting measure to increase your profitability.

4 – Make Your Dairy Farm Well-equipped

How to Start Dairy Farming Business in Pakistan

You are going to start your dairy farming in modern times when many of scientific techniques have come in the market such as milking the buffalos & cows, feeding them and caring them. Making your dairy farm more growers, you should add up milking machines, sterilizing machines and milk storage tanks as well as computers and other office equipment to record the data and daily reports.

5 – Arrange a Veterinary Doctor on Regular Bases

How to Start Dairy Farming Business in Pakistan

 Hiring a veterinary expert is most important to save livestock from various diseases. You can hire the expert on visit base or on regular base; however, hiring him on regular is much better protecting and caring the cattle timely.

6 – Increasing the Yield or Productivity

Most dairy farms use a combination of inoculations or vaccinations, hormone injections and supplements to maximize the milk production. You should also anticipate injuries and illness. Your local veterinarian will be able to supply you with the specific items required for your region and the cost per head of each item as well as a rough estimate of emergency care costs.

7 – Insurance

As knowing you are going to continue your dairy farm business in scientific era, you should insure your cattle. In Pakistan climate drastic appears suddenly and it impacts the animals. Mostly animals get bad influences due to such seasonal or non seasonal diseases; sometime it ends to the death of animal. To avoid such lose you should manage your dairy farm insured. Furthermore you should need to cover your property (actual real estate), your equipment and your future profit or unexpected loss of income.

8 – Caring Staff

If you have farmed your project on scientific grounds and you have a reasonable quantity of cattle in the farm, definitely you need to appoint working staff. This is most important step to work out. Always hire the cooperative, caring and cattle’s loving staff. Naturally animals have great love affection with human. Sympathy and kindness behavior makes the cattle glade leaving a healthy impact on cattle’s overall living. It will enhance your expected savings and profits.

9 – Personal Supervision Needed

Newly started dairy farm requires your personal supervision strongly. Unfortunately labor and daily wages worker in Pakistan are not as responsible as in developed countries. You have invested money; surely you can feel the actual pain when wasting something. It is strongly recommended you must manage your own supervision, for this you must visit the farm twice daily, when feeding the animals and milking the animals.

How to Start Dairy Farming Business in Pakistan

10 – Separate the Diseased Animal At Once

Un-luckily if any animal gets disease, separate it from other animals as soon as possible, otherwise, the disease virus may affect other animals.

Lasting the discussion, if you follow all above steps, certainly you can drive your business to success. The article “How to Start Dairy Farming in Pakistan” surely makes your cattle/livestock projects profitable and growing. If you have more question you can write us frequently.


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